Raw Shorts is a cloud-based software company that allows users to create their own animated explainer videos.

TAO Connect  has developed a results-based suite of online tools for mental health professionals.

Clarke Industrial Engineering launched the first major innovation in decades for the industrial valve market. Clarke’s patented ShutterValve™ reduces leakage and water hammer, while also utilizing less energy.

OBMedical is a medical device company that has developed the LaborView™ sensor system, a wireless electrode-based, electronic maternal-fetal monitor sensor replacement system that measures labor contractions and the heart rates of both mother and child.


Paracosm is a cloud-based software company that leverages 3D mapping technology to unleash the digital world into reality. We are dreamers, wizards, gamers, artists, hackers, storytellers and robot whisperers who truly believe #thefutureisawesome. 

Kairos provides enterprise facial recognition solutions that eliminate fraud via its industry leading API, which is easily integrated into a company’s existing systems.

Bioceptive Inc Bioceptive is a women’s health company currently developing a patent-pending intrauterine device (IUD) inserter that vastly simplifies the insertion procedure while significantly reducing the adverse events inherent with current insertion techniques.
Aplicor The next generation of cloud based CRM and ERP applications.

BioHeart Inc  A biotechnology company focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of cell therapies for the treatment of chronic and acute heart damage. 

Myxer (fka – mVisible) Mobile media and advertising systems.Myxer is a social entertainment company allowing consumers simple access to free media content for their mobile device and provides opportunity for seamless sharing among their social communities. Myxer’s media catalog contains over 17 million pieces of free and premium licensed content including music, apps, images, games and video all with absolutely no hidden costs or subscription fees.

Kadoo  Personalized online content storage and organizer.


Nueva Cocina is a gourmet Latin Foods retail company providing all natural Latin rice dishes, soups and seasonings.
Altor Biosciences is a biopharmaceutical company developing a new class of therapeutic products for the treatment of cancer.
Consult A Doctor provides patients direct phone and on-line access to doctors avoiding long, costly waits in the ER or the frustration of waiting days or weeks to see a physician at his office.

Institutional Deposit Corp (IDC) IDC provides community banks with an innovative and efficient way to gain reliable access to money market funds from large investors.



Aplicor – Lead investor • SaaS, cloud-based business management solutions• Series A1 round contributing $425,000 of $3.5MM total round• Later stage opportunity with experienced silicon valley co-investor and private individuals

VirtualWorks – Lead investor• Software solutions provider in growing space called content virtualization that enables secure search of behind-the-firewall data sharing on various devices.• $420,000 of $8.5MM Series A, preferred annual return• Larger than our typical deal, world- class CEO and team, important strategic investment partners• Other financing came from European individuals and family offices
Consult-a-Doctor – Lead Investor• Telemedicine, medical advice on telephone/mobile/online• Initial investment of $420,000 Series A in December 2009  and follow-on investment of $65,000 and $3.2MM in convertible bridge note closed in May 2011• Co-invested with a Florida based venture fund and latin american private individuals and family offices

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