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New World Angels (NWA) is a group of private investors dedicated to providing equity capital to  early-stage entrepreneurial companies in Florida.


NWA has chapters in South Florida and the Tampa Bay area and we will lead or co-invest totaling between $500 thousand and $2.5 million.


Members of NWA have extensive experience in founding, building, and managing companies ina wide variety of industries.


In addition to providing funding, NWA members make their expertise and resource networks available to portfolio companies.


Sometimes you don’t want the whole world to watch. Sharing videos when, where, and with whom you want should be easy. And maintaining your privacy shouldn’t be something that requires you to jump through a lot of hoops.If you’ve ever sent a file to the wrong person you’ll know why we built Kadoo. There’s no such thing as a “just kidding” button if the wrong person sees your video on the Web. And since you can’t take stuff back, we think it’s time to take control.Sharing private files within Kadoo truly keeps them private. Your files are “off the grid” where they’re not indexed by Google or other search engines.If …



The rise of the Indexed Enterprise – It’s chaos out there.   Today’s enterprise has never been more fragmented, with information scattered across hundreds   of application silos, thousands of file stores, millions of email attachments and an explosion of cloud apps. That means   critical content is not available when it’s most needed: at the point of decision.   VirtualWorks™ finds and catalogs all your information into a single enterprise-wide index. It’s called the Universal Index™   and it’s completely changing the way enterprises of all sizes attack their information challenges. Get up and running in days, delighting users in the first week, then scale as you go with pre-integrated, snap-on ‘Cross-Indexers’   …

Virtual Works


Supporting Community Banks for Over a Decade IDC Deposits was founded in May 2000 in Miami, Florida to create a system through which investors could make large deposits into a network of participating FDIC-insured banks, with just a single transaction while obtaining full FDIC insurance on the entire deposit. This network is now known as IDC’s Deposit Network®. Today, IDC works with hundreds of banks and manages more than a half a billion dollars in assets.  We have achieved this by structuring our programs to provide benefits to both investors and financial institutions – for investors there are different deposit products, and for banks IDC provides funding solutions and the opportunity …

IDC Deposits

April 2, 2014

New World Angels and Florida Investing – Tampa Business Journal

New World Angels comment on the state of Florida investing in an article published in the Tampa Business Journal. “New World, with chapters in Tampa and Miami, has about 50 members and a strong pipeline, with a substantial amount of deal flow,” said Tom Cardy, membership chair of New World Angels. Read More